Compression products

Use and care

Great that you chose Tritanium compression products.

Tritanium offers a versatile selection of products suitable for exercise, work, travel and therapeutic use.

TRITANIUM compression products are CE-marked, product category I products in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2017/745 on medical products. In our products, a measured, gradual compression pressure is realized, which achieves several positive effects.

When choosing a size, always use the product-specific Tritanium measurement tables, if necessary, consult our expert.

1. Indications for use

Each Tritanium compression product has a specific, carefully designed and measured compression level, expressed in millimeters of mercury (mmHg) and determined for the product's intended use. The amount of compression pressure is mentioned on the package.

Always choose the right product for your purpose.

Compression level 1 (10-15 mmHg)

Applicability : therapeutic use, work use, travel and recovery.

Indications for therapeutic use:

  • slight swelling of the limbs

  • mild aching limbs and fatigue

  • mild varicose veins without swelling

  • pregnancy-related varicose veins

  • mild osteoarthritis and related inflammations

Compression level 2 (20-30 mmHg)

Suitability : therapeutic use, physically demanding work and exercise.

Indications for therapeutic use:

  • aching limbs and fatigue

  • moderate and severe varicose veins

  • chronic venous insufficiency

  • post-traumatic and postoperative edema

  • arthritis

2. Contraindications for use

Tritanium compression products must not be used in the following cases:

  • arterial insufficiency

  • arterial leg ulcer

  • untreated heart failure

  • skin infection

  • acute burn

  • incompatibility of the material (skin irritation during use)

3. Things to consider

  • In the case of therapeutic use, a doctor's or therapist's consultation is recommended to ensure the suitability of the product as a regular form of treatment, also taking into account the user's age and state of health

  • If you experience discomfort, pain, numbness, changes in skin color, the appearance of new wounds or swelling while using the product, stop using the product immediately and contact a healthcare professional

  • All suspicions of adverse effects or dangerous situations related to this product should be reported to the product manufacturer

4. Use

Instructions and tips for using Tritanium compression products

There is no restriction on starting to use the Tritanium compression product when the product has been selected according to the purpose of use and the size chart.

A fundamentally healthy person can start using the product with the instructions given for each product. If the intended use of the product is therapeutic, then it is recommended to consult a treating doctor or physiotherapist before starting use.

The product can be reused a maximum of 500 times. Do not use a broken product.

Dress instructions

Always follow the given dressing instructions exactly, then the product will remain in excellent condition for as long as possible.

When putting on the product, do not pull strongly on the edges of the product, but put on the product by rolling.

After dressing; Place the product in place and make sure there are no creases in the product.

Check out the dressing videos here.


Jewelry and long nails may tear holes in the material of the product while wearing it.

Compression products must not come into contact with e.g. creams or fatty substances.

Any hanging thread ends or loops must not be cut, as cutting may cause holes or blind spots in the product.

The products are intended for personal use only.

5. Care instructions

Tritanium compression products should be washed regularly according to the washing instructions, either by hand or in the machine. Normal mild detergent can be used for washing, but no other substances, such as fabric softeners, brighteners or stain removers.

Do not dry the products in a tumble dryer, on a radiator or in direct sunlight. Do not iron.

Care of the silicone band

Wash the silicone band by hand if necessary, e.g. to remove grease and other excess dirt.

6. Storage instructions / warranty

The recommended usage time of Tritanium compression products is 6-12 months, depending on whether the product is used daily or whether the product is used less often. The manufacturer recommends renewing the product after the recommended usage period.

Due to material wear and changes in properties, the physiological effectiveness of compression products can be guaranteed for a maximum period of 12 months. This requires that the product is handled appropriately (putting on and taking off according to the product's instructions for use, washing, storage).

Store the products at room temperature and protect them from direct sunlight, heat and moisture.

7. Manufacturing materials

*The upper spring contains a small amount of silicone, which guarantees that the product does not leak during use

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