"Faster, higher, stronger" - Tritanium compression products were born from a deep love for sports and well-being.

In northern conditions, practicality and functionality are of great importance, and therefore the product development and design work of Tritanium products is done entirely in Finland. Tritanium's intensive product development is based on experience in competitive sports, sports medicine, sports physiotherapy and production technological excellence. An uncompromising attitude towards finding working solutions and developing the best products has brought results. Tritanium compression products have a simple reputation that speaks volumes: They Work.

We demand maximum functionality from our products, regardless of the purpose of use or the conditions, and so the power of Tritanium products is based on scientifically measured gradual compression pressure (mmHg), as well as two different compression pressure classes. With these properties and the right product, the desired physiological effect is achieved in the body, the end result of which is e.g. optimal performance, faster recovery or a significant reduction in stress and sports injuries.

That's why we promise - you'll get the results you expect.

The European Union has granted Tritanium Finland a project grant aimed at improving the company's competitiveness and international growth. The goal of the project is to enable global expansion of the market area and at the same time support the company's international growth by developing new products to meet the needs of a new customer segment. The project will be implemented in 2022-2023.