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Use and care guide

With Tritanium eXtend High compression wristbands, you train more painlessly and prevent strain injuries!

The scientifically optimized gradual compression pressure (20-30mmHg), technical features and top-class materials of the Tritanium CE-marked compression wrist supports form a high-quality whole that allows the load on the wrist joints is lightened, the feeling of training improves and the risk of stress injuries in the wrist area decreases. Wrist supports prevent and treat various pain conditions in the wrist area (e.g. carpal tunnel syndrome, infections, joint pain, etc.) and they also enhance rehabilitation from injuries.

Tritanium eXtend High - compression wrist supports are the result of long-term and innovative development work and the latest top technology has been used in their production. Accurately measured compression pressure together with technical features give the wrist joint a medium-strength external "mechanical" support and bring stability to the performance, giving the wrist joint area maximum physiological benefit during exertion. The compression pressure also effectively prevents harmful micro-vibration of the muscles during performance, reducing the risk of injury and reducing muscle soreness after exercise.

The high-quality material and durable structure of the wrist supports guarantee excellent durability and comfort of use even in extreme conditions. The supports are perfectly suited for practically any sport, such as ball sports, racket games and strength training. Numerous top athletes rely on high-quality Tritanium eXtend compression products, and the products are perfectly suited for almost all types of training and competition use.

For post-performance recovery, we recommend specially designed eXtend Low compression sleeves of a lower pressure category.

  • They improve the feeling of exercise and endurance
  • Reduce the risk of sports and stress injuries
  • They boost blood circulation, so the muscles get more oxygen and energy
  • Enhances the functioning of the lymphatic system, thanks to which impurities are removed from the muscles faster
  • Reduce post-exercise muscle soreness and tissue swelling
  • Enhance recovery from injuries
  • Help in the treatment of several symptoms (e.g. carpal tunnel syndrome, infections, joint pain, etc.)
  • Wearing: ALWAYS wear the compression product against the skin, i.e. do not leave e.g. a shirt sleeve etc. under the product. Put on the wrist supports so that the lime-colored vertical lines come in the middle of the inside of the wrist
  • Recommended use: Used during performance, use can be started 30-45 min before performance
  • Suitability: perfectly suitable for almost all kinds of exercise and sports

Measurement instructions:
Take the circumference from the thinnest part of the wrist with the arm straight. Choose the right size based on the measurements in the chart.

If you are unsure about choosing the right size, you can contact our expert.

Size - Wrist Circumference (cm)

XS – 11-14

S – 14-17

M – 17-20

Sat – 20-23

XL – 23-26

  • Designed in Finland
  • CE marking
  • Anatomical design: adapts to the movements of the joint and does not restrict the movement of the joint
  • Material: Nylon 72% / Invista Lycra® 28%
  • Size markings on the inside of each support
  • Unisex model

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Helatie 4, 80100 Joensuu.


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