Our body works in different ways in different situations, and knowledge of the body's physiological function, e.g. during performance or recovery, is the most important starting point in designing a perfectly functioning compression product.

Tritanium has taken this significant difference into account when developing eXtend - compression products, the task of which is to give the user exactly the right compression pressure in the right situation and thereby help achieve the maximum physiological benefit from using the compression product.

The eXtend compression products, which have gone through long-term development work, have been manufactured using the latest cutting-edge technology and have a scientifically measured, precise, gradual compression pressure. Thanks to this precisely measured and correctly sized compression pressure, the body functions to achieve the desired physiological effect and the eXtend product really does what it promises. Whether it's recovery or optimization of performance sensitivity, eXtend products have the right pressure class product for this purpose.

The collection includes products of two different pressure classes, of which the higher pressure class eXtend High products are specially designed for intensive training and competitive use. The eXtend Low products of the lower pressure category are intended for recovery from sports performance/strain and for travel use.

All products in the eXtend collection have been developed primarily with three very important features in mind:

    1. Optimizing performance
    2. Enhancement of recovery
    3. Reduction of the risk of injury

Benefits of eXtend compression products

With Tritanium eXtend compression products, many benefits can be achieved already before the performance, during the performance and also after the performance.

Before performance – Better performance readiness:

  • Increase in muscle activation level
  • Metabolic awakening
  • Optimizing body temperature

During execution – Maximum performance:

  • Enhanced blood circulation => muscles receive more oxygen and energy
  • Enhanced removal of waste products => muscles work optimally during performance
  • Effect that activates neuromuscular connections => the kinesthetic chain of movement improves and the feeling of exercise is more meaningful
  • Tissue-supporting effect => micro-vibration at the tissue level is reduced, the risk of injury is reduced

After the performance – Faster recovery:

  • Enhanced metabolism and lymphatic system function
  • Accelerated removal of impurities (lactate) from the muscles
  • Reduced post-performance tissue swelling and muscle soreness
  • Faster preparation for the next performance

How to choose the right compression product?

Properly functioning compression products must always have their compression pressure accurately stated, which is expressed in mmHg (millimeters of mercury). Different strengths of compression pressure can affect the body and tissues in different ways, so choosing the right compression product for the purpose is important.

Tritaniu's eXtend collection includes the higher pressure eXtend High products, which are specially designed for intensive training and competition. Products with a higher pressure class can optimize performance, increase performance comfort and prevent strain injuries.

The eXtend Low products of the lower pressure category are designed for recovery from sports performance / strain and they also work excellently for travel use. The products of the low pressure category help the muscles to recover faster from the post-exercise stress and thereby prepare the muscles for the next exercise.

What is the benefit of compression based on?

The effect of compression products in terms of sports can be divided into three main areas: blood circulation (veins), lymphatic circulation (lymphatic system) and the nervous system (the skin under the direct effect of the compression product). With the help of the compression product, the external mechanical pressure of the tissues is increased in a controlled manner, which results in the desired physiological effects on the musculature, blood and lymphatic vessels as well as the nervous system and deeper tissue levels.

This external mechanical pressure e.g. reduces the diameter of the blood vessels, thanks to which the venous valves close more easily and the venous flow increases (i.e. deoxygenated blood travels faster out of the muscles). The functioning of the lymphatic system, which transports lymph fluids, is also enhanced and the body's own "garbage management" works faster. Thanks to the enhanced venous and lymphatic circulation, the oxygen supply to the muscles improves and the removal of impurities is accelerated.

The effect of compression products on the nervous system is largely based on the stimulation of the nerves of the skin and muscles under the product. When the pressure of the compression product is applied to the skin underneath it, it stimulates the nerve endings in the skin and thus improves their ability to conduct nerve impulses. This presumably causes the athlete to "feel" the part of the body under compression better and to be aware of its function (e.g. basketball shooting hand). However, this mechanism of action is less studied and known than the effect of compression on the blood circulation and lymphatic system.

Thanks to this, Tritanium eXtend compression products can achieve optimal performance comfort, faster recovery and a significant reduction in stress and sports injuries.