Top-3 of Tritanium compression products – Sports benefits in Padel

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TOP3 sport benefits in Padel by product group:


1. Improve hitting feel - Nervous, i.e. the so-called the sensorimotor effect improves e.g. hand position control and fine motor skills

2. Prevent strain injuries – The mechanical pressure effect of the compression product reduces the tensile load of the muscles / attachment tendons and reduces the micro-vibration of the tissues caused by the impact (which typically cause e.g. tennis elbow, Achilles infections, and various forearm pain conditions)

3. Fight to the last round - The gradual compression pressure enhances the functioning of the venous blood circulation, especially during the performance, so that "deoxygenated" blood is removed from the limbs more efficiently and the muscles are oxygenated, i.e. able to work more efficiently


1. Recover more efficiently - Low-pressure compression products have been researched to boost both blood circulation and metabolism. With the help of the products, e.g. the lymphatic fluid circulation of the limbs is maximized, which functions as if the body's "garbage disposal"

2. Reduce post-exercise muscle soreness – The use of compression products during and after the performance reduces e.g. post-exercise tissue swelling, with which e.g. typical post-exercise muscle soreness is less

3. Be more prepared for the next battle - Low pressure class products can be used safely for long periods of time continuously (e.g. overnight) and they are also perfectly suited for traveling. With the help of eXtend Low products, you maximize recovery and are faster and more ready for the next challenge.


1. Say no to strain injuries - Tritanium's functional compression braces are designed for their physiological effects, especially for the prevention of injuries or the treatment of already existing injuries

2. Play more painlessly - The benefits of compression braces are significant, e.g. in reducing pain and preventing it. The supports do not limit the natural movement of the joint and they are superior in terms of comfort

3. Rehabilitate back to playing condition faster - The use of compression supports speeds up recovery from injuries and they can be used during the rehabilitation phase as well as when entering the playing field. Due to the effect of the gradual compression pressure, for example, the muscles supporting the knee are activated more effectively and the sense of position improves

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Tritanium eXtend compression products are designed to optimize body function

  • Enhanced blood circulation, so the muscles get more oxygen and energy.
  • Enhanced functioning of the lymphatic system, thanks to which impurities are removed from the muscles faster.
  • Improved training feeling.
  • Accelerated recovery.
  • Reduced risk of sports and stress injuries.
  • Reduced post-workout muscle soreness and swelling.

CE-marked eXtend High compression products have been manufactured using the latest cutting-edge technology, and the design of the products has taken into account a scientifically optimized gradual compression pressure of 20-30mmHg.

This precisely measured compression pressure, together with the technical features, enhance blood circulation and metabolism, which enables seamless cooperation of large muscle groups and optimal performance.

eXtend High compression products are specially designed for intensive training and competitive use.

These products are especially ideal for sports that require high performance and endurance, such as ball sports, fitness and gym training, and various endurance sports.

CE-marked eXtend Low compression products are specially designed to support recovery after exercise and sports performance.

These low-pressure products, i.e. 10-15mmHg, promote faster muscle recovery from the strain caused by exercise and prepare the muscles for future performance.

Due to the enhanced venous and lymphatic circulation, the oxygen supply to the muscles improves and the removal of impurities is accelerated.

Thanks to this, the musculature recovers faster from the post-exercise stress and thus prepares the body for the upcoming exercise.

Thanks to their properties, the products of the low pressure category work excellently also in leisure time use.

CE-marked compression products are also designed for preventive treatment use, rehabilitation use, and for treating various injuries and symptoms.

A compression product intended for therapeutic use must always have a CE marking, which indicates that the products meet the requirements of the relevant EU safety and health directives and that the products have undergone any required checks.

In addition, the exact compression pressure of the product (mmHg) must be indicated on the product, based on which the product is selected for the right purpose of use.

With the help of compression products, the external mechanical pressure of the tissues can be increased in a controlled manner, which results in the desired physiological effects on the musculature, blood and lymphatic vessels, as well as the nervous system and deeper tissue levels.

Due to the compression effect, venous blood circulation and metabolism are enhanced, and in addition, the compression pressure also has a stimulating effect on nerve-muscle connections.

Low pressure class CE-marked eXtend Low compression products are perfectly suited for both work and travel use. Low pressure class (10-15mmHg) compression products boost the blood circulation and metabolism of the limbs, reduce swelling and prevent fatigue as well as various pain conditions, and they help you cope better, whether it's long-term sitting, standing or physically heavy "repetitive work". Compression products also effectively prevent work-related strain injuries.

  • Enhanced blood circulation, so the muscles get more oxygen and energy.
  • Enhanced functioning of the lymphatic system, thanks to which impurities are removed from the muscles faster.
  • Reduced swelling.
  • Decreased feeling of tiredness and muscle soreness.
  • Reduced leg pain.

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