eXtend Flex – Naisten kompressiotrikoot korkealla vyötäröllä.

eXtend Flex - Women's compression tights with a high waist

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With Tritanium eXtend Flex compression tights, you activate your core and train more comfortably!

Tritanium eXtend Flex compression tights combine for the first time the maximum benefits of compression textiles, a particularly high waist part, and a perfect anatomical fit that does not limit the range of motion of the legs. These so-called the specially designed high waist part of the functional compression tights gives excellent support to the mid-body muscles during training, shaping and narrowing the body lines at the same time.

The compression pressure of the compression tights optimally aimed at the large muscle groups of the legs together with the anatomical design form a high-quality whole that optimizes performance, improves the feeling of training, and reduces the risk of injury and strain injuries. The compression leotards from the Performance collection are specially designed for intensive training and competition use.

Tritanium eXtend Flex - compression tights are the result of long-term and innovative development work, and the latest top technology has been used in their production. The medium compression pressure of the leotards together with the anatomical design enhance the venous blood circulation and metabolism of the lower limbs, enabling seamless cooperation of the large muscle groups of the lower limbs without movement restrictions. The compression pressure also effectively prevents harmful micro-vibration of the muscles during performance, reducing the risk of injury and reducing muscle soreness after exercise.

The high-quality materials of Flex leotards also regulate body temperature and keep the skin dry by transferring moisture from the skin to the outside of the material, which keeps the body temperature constant during performance in both warm and cool weather.

Leotards are best suited for sports that require a lot of power and endurance, such as ball sports, fitness and gym training, and various endurance sports. Numerous top athletes rely on high-quality Tritanium eXtend compression products, and the products are perfectly suited for almost all types of training and competition use.

For post-performance recovery, we recommend eXtend Low compression leggings, socks or leg braces specially designed for the purpose.

  • They improve the feeling of exercise and endurance
  • Reduce the risk of sports and stress injuries
  • They boost blood circulation, so the muscles get more oxygen and energy
  • Enhances the functioning of the lymphatic system, thanks to which impurities are removed from the muscles faster
  • Reduce post-exercise muscle soreness and tissue swelling
  • Enhance recovery from injuries
  • Enhance recovery


  • ALWAYS wear the compression product against the skin, i.e. do not leave e.g. a gift etc. under the compressing product.
  • Remove the product by "rolling".

Recommended use:

  • Can be used either on its own or as an underlayer under training or competition clothing. Used during execution, use can be started in 15-30 min. before execution


  • Perfectly suited for almost all kinds of exercise and sports

Size - Shoe number - Ankle (cm) - Sole (cm)

S1 – 34-36, 16-20, 26-36

S2 – 37-39, 19-22, 28-38

S3 – 40-43, 21-24, 32-42

S4 – 44-47, 22-26, 36-46

S5 – 48-50, 23-28, 40-50

Measurement instructions:

Take the measurement from the thickest part of the ankle / calf while sitting, with the muscles relaxed and the knee at a 90-degree angle.

If you are unsure about choosing the right size, you can contact our expert .

  • Designed in Finland
  • High waist and excellent fit (supports, shapes, narrows)
  • Compression pressure optimally aimed at the main muscle groups, which guarantees the functionality of the compression effect
  • Excellent anatomical fit: returns to its shape after use / washing
  • Hidden pocket in the waist seam
  • Breathable mesh areas in the knees
  • Material: Technical mixture: Nylon 75% Elastane 25%

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  • Free pick-up of products from the Tritanium office at:

Helatie 4, 80100 Joensuu.


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