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Use and care guide

Tritanium eXtend High compression knee braces reduce pain during performance, increase performance reliability and enhance rehabilitation after injuries.

Tritanium's CE-marked compression knee braces are a new type of functional knee braces based on high compression pressure, which support the knee joint, activate the muscles supporting the knee, and lighten the load on the knee joints during performance. With the help of knee braces, injuries in the knee area and their recurrence are prevented, and the rehabilitation of injuries is enhanced. The knee braces are also suitable for people suffering from osteoarthritis.

Tritanium eXtend High compression knee braces are the result of long-term and innovative development work and the latest top technology has been used in their manufacture. The scientifically optimized gradual compression pressure (20-30mmHg) of the knee braces, together with the anatomical design and technical features, enable full mobility of the knee joint, while giving the joint a medium-strength external "mechanical" support, which improves the functionality and stability of the knee, and reduces the risk of injury.

The Tritanium eXtend High compression knee support fits as if it were individually made for the user, and thanks to this, the comfort of use is first-class. In addition, the inner surface of the upper part of the knee supports has a specially designed silicone elastic, which prevents them from draining during use. Both active enthusiasts and competitive athletes benefit from the use of Tritanium eXtend compression knee braces. Due to their characteristics, eXtend knee supports are perfectly suited for all kinds of sports and exercise.

Note! The compression knee braces are thin (approx. 1-2 mm) and durable high-quality nylon-based material, and they are also excellently suitable for use together with most of the traditional "hard" knee braces sold on the market, enabling even better and more comfortable use for those who kneel.

  • Reduce and prevent pain conditions during exertion
  • Lighten the load on the knee joint
  • Activates the muscles that support the knee
  • Reduce the risk of sports and stress injuries
  • Reduce joint pain and swelling after exercise
  • Increase performance comfort and reliability
  • They improve the feeling of training
  • Enhance recovery from injuries
  • Help in the treatment of several knee symptoms (osteoarthritis and wear-and-tear changes, jumper's and runner's knee, Osgood-Schlatter's disease, spiral injuries, etc.)
  • Putting on: Put on and take off the knee braces always by "rolling", NOT by pulling on the upper rib. NOTE! The supports should be worn so that 2/3 of the support goes above the knee and 1/3 remains below the knee. In addition, the braces should be worn directly against the bare skin, and you should remove the extra "pull" from their upper part by placing the braces properly in place.
  • Recommended use: Used during performance, use can be started e.g. 15-30 min. before execution
  • Suitability: Perfectly suitable for all kinds of sports, work and leisure use and therapeutic use

Measurement instructions:
Take the thigh circumference from the thickest part of the crotch and calf while standing, the more significant selection criterion for the size is the thigh circumference. Choose the right size based on the measurements in the chart.

If you are unsure about choosing the right size, you can contact our expert.

Size - Calf (cm), Thigh (cm)

XS – 21-27, 36-44

S – 27-33, 42-50

M – 31-39, 50-58

L – 38-44, 58-66

XL – 43-49, 66-74

XXL – 48-55, 74-83

  • Designed in Finland
  • CE marking
  • Anatomical design: adapts to the movements of the joint and does not restrict the movement of the joint
  • Skin-friendly and wear-resistant material
  • Material: Nylon 72% / Invista Lycra® 28%, silicone (upper rib inner part)
  • Size markings on the inside of the lower rib of each support
  • Unisex model

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  • Free pick-up of products from the Tritanium office at:

Helatie 4, 80100 Joensuu.


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