eXtend Low – Compression sleeves

Tritanium eXtend Low compression sleeves - Recover more efficiently and avoid stress injuries!

Tritanium eXtend Low compression sleeves are the result of long-term and innovative development work. Thanks to the scientifically precisely measured gradual low compression pressure (10-15mmHg), the sleeves help the muscles of the arms to recover faster from post-exercise stress and reduce post-exercise pain conditions. With this, the musculature can prepare better for a new exercise and the risks of stress injuries are lower.

Tritanium's CE-marked compression sleeves have been manufactured using the latest cutting-edge technology and have a scientifically optimized, gradually lower compression pressure (10-15mmHg). Compression sleeves are especially suitable for recovering from sports performance and they are an ideal aid for e.g. competitive events or during a hard training period. The unique comfort of the compression sleeves, top-class materials, seamless construction and easy wear guarantee maximum benefit in terms of recovery, and the sleeves can be worn continuously for long periods of time (even while sleeping).

After the performance, compression sleeves enhance the venous blood circulation and metabolism of the arms, reduce tissue swelling, and lighten the load on the elbow joint. The sleeves also relieve muscle soreness after exercise, reduce deep tissue swelling and the feeling of hand fatigue. The sleeves also help in the rehabilitation of problems and painful conditions in the forearm and elbow area (e.g. tennis and golf elbow, tendon sheath infections, etc. stress injuries). Both acute and chronic pain conditions in the forearm area can be treated with compression sleeves.

The sleeves are made of high-quality and UV-protected material, and in addition, the inner surface of the upper part of the sleeves has a specially designed thin silicone elastic, which prevents the sleeves from running down during use. M Atala's pressure class eXtend Low compression products are trusted by numerous top athletes, and the products not only work for recovery from stress, but also excellent for work and therapeutic use.


  • Accelerated recovery
  • Enhanced blood circulation, so the muscles get more oxygen and energy
  • Enhanced functioning of the lymphatic system, thanks to which impurities are removed from the muscles faster
  • Reduced muscle soreness, swelling and feeling of fatigue after training
  • Reduced risk of sports and stress injuries
  • Versatile possibilities of use: recovery from stress, work use and therapeutic use