eXtend High – Compression sleeves

Tritanium eXtend High compression sleeves - Optimize your performance and avoid stress injuries!

Tritanium eXtend High compression sleeves are the result of long-term and innovative development work. Thanks to scientifically precisely measured gradual compression pressure (20-30mmHg), the sleeves optimize performance, reduce the risk of injury during performance, giving maximum physiological benefit to the musculature of the arms during sports performance / stress.

Tritanium's CE-marked compression sleeves have been manufactured using the latest cutting-edge technology, and they realize a scientifically optimized, progressively higher compression pressure (20-30mmHg). Compression sleeves enhance the venous blood circulation and metabolism of the arms during the performance, as well as reduce the load on the elbow joint and remove the "pulling load" of the tendons of the muscles attached to the elbow area, preventing e.g. stress injuries. In addition, the nervous "sensorimotor" response brought by the sleeves brings more precision and stability to the performance .

Thanks to the sleeves' optimal compression pressure, technical properties and seamless construction, the training feel and comfort of use are substantially increased and the risk of soft tissue injuries to the arms, for example, is significantly reduced. In addition, the pains during and after the performance are substantially reduced and the sleeves also help in the rehabilitation of problems and painful conditions in the forearm and elbow area (e.g. tennis and golf elbow, tendon sheath infections, etc. stress injuries). Both acute and chronic pain conditions in the forearm area can be treated with compression sleeves.

The outer edge of the sleeves has reinforced Honeycomb zones that distribute the pressure of the sleeves in the right way, while increasing the wear resistance of the sleeves. The manufacturing material is high-quality and UV-protected, and in addition, the inner surface of the upper part of the sleeves has a specially designed thin silicone elastic, which prevents the sleeves from running down during use. Numerous top athletes rely on high-quality Tritanium eXtend compression products, and the compression sleeves are perfectly suited for practically any sport (e.g. racket games, gym training and ball sports).

For post-performance recovery, we recommend specially designed lower pressure eXtend Low sleeves.


  • Enhanced blood circulation, so the muscles get more oxygen and energy
  • Enhanced functioning of the lymphatic system, thanks to which impurities are removed from the muscles faster
  • Improved training feeling / sensorimotor response
  • Accelerated recovery
  • Reduced risk of sports and stress injuries
  • Reduced post-workout muscle soreness and swelling