Compression products for work and travel

Functional comfort for work and travel!

Compression products for work and travel

Low pressure class CE-marked eXtend Low compression products are perfectly suited for both work and travel use. Low pressure class (10-15mmHg) compression products boost the blood circulation and metabolism of the limbs, reduce swelling and prevent fatigue as well as various pain conditions, and they help you cope better, whether it's long-term sitting, standing or physically heavy "repetitive work". Compression products also effectively prevent work-related strain injuries.

Tritanium's eXtend Low products have been manufactured using the latest cutting-edge technology, and they realize a gradual scientifically measured low compression pressure (10-15mmHg), which means that the products are optimized for long-term and versatile use. The products are easy to put on and can be used continuously for long periods of time, both during the working day and when traveling, but also while sleeping. The products withstand use and washing well and maintain the promised compression pressure for a long time.

Work use:
Extend Low - compression products are perfectly suited for people who have to walk / stand for long periods of time, do sitting work or physically heavy "repetitive" work. Thanks to the anatomical design of the compression products and the gradual compression support, their use reduces / prevents limb fatigue, swelling and various pain conditions. Thanks to these properties, eXtend Low compression products have a positive effect on the general well-being of the body and thus also on coping at work.

Flight socks your feet will love! Extend Low – compression products are excellently suited for long-term travel, and they help improve blood circulation in the legs, reduce leg swelling, pain and fatigue. The products' unique comfort of use, scientifically optimized compression pressure and pleasant materials make eXtend Low products a great travel companion and a better alternative to traditional flight socks!


  • Enhanced blood circulation, so the muscles get more oxygen and energy
  • Enhanced functioning of the lymphatic system, thanks to which impurities are removed from the muscles faster
  • Reduced swelling
  • Decreased feeling of tiredness and muscle soreness
  • Reduced leg pain

Tritanium compression products in an impartial test

Tritanium's compression products designed for work and travel use were recently on a real "test bench", when Testing Lab's impartial test group of 50 testers tested the products for eight weeks in different working conditions.