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Tritanium eXtend compression products

Tritanium CE-marked compression products are designed for preventive treatment use, rehabilitation use, and the treatment of various injuries/symptoms. In the manufacture of Tritanium eXtend compression products, the latest cutting-edge technology has been used, and the physiological effect of the products is based on scientifically precisely measured gradual compression pressure, which distributes the pressure in the right way in relation to the shape of the limb.

With the help of compression products, the external mechanical pressure of the tissues is increased in a controlled manner, which results in the desired physiological effects on the musculature, blood and lymphatic vessels, as well as on the nervous system and on a deeper tissue level. Due to the compression effect, the venous blood circulation and metabolism are enhanced, and in addition, the compression pressure also has a stimulating effect on the nerve-muscle connections, which, for example, improves the kinesthetic chain of movement. Through the nervous mechanism of action, the products often help in various pain conditions as well. Thanks to these facts, the use of eXtend compression products achieves excellent treatment results in the treatment and prevention of many types of symptoms.

The product range includes products of two different pressure classes;

  • Products with a lighter pressure class (compression pressure class 1, 10-15mmHg)
  • Medium pressure class products (compression pressure class 2, 20-30mmHg).

A compression product intended for therapeutic use must always have a CE marking, which states that the products meet the requirements of the relevant EU safety and health directives and that the products have also undergone any required checks. In addition, the exact compression pressure of the product (mmHg) must be indicated on the product, based on which the product is selected for the correct purpose of use / treatment of the symptom.

Note! If necessary, consult an expert (doctor, physiotherapist) before you start using compression products for therapeutic purposes.